About Us

Engage Marine was established to lead change in the way marine services are delivered. We are focused on providing business expertise that utilises:

  • Collaboration
  • Technology and innovation
  • Strategic partnerships and
  • Contemporary business models

To deliver a unique service offering which provides greater efficiencies for our clients and our industry.

Using the established reputation of Westug, which has over 25 years' experience in delivering marine services in Western Australia, Engage Marine will deliver its range of capabilities throughout Australia.

Our Purpose

To engage with all stakeholders and change the way marine expertise and services are delivered.

What does Engage Marine stand for?
  • Those that operate the business, own the business
  • We are a company that want to work hard to make sure our customers pay less into the future, not work hard to make sure they pay more 
  • As a marine services supplier to we are facilitator, this means we listen before we act and we collaborate with others to find the best outcome. 
  • The future requires different skills to those in place today. We believe in a new way, over the “old way” of doing things.