30 Years in the Making

Westug are an Australian port operations provider which has been providing port operations in Western Australia for over 30 years. Westug appreciate the need for safe, capable, agile and flexible towage services tailored to the specifics of ports in which we operate.

Westug currently provides a range of towage and emergency response services, including the berthing and sailing of cape, panamax and smaller handy size vessels. This experience means we already have the know-how and ability to work as part of an integrated supply chain, and accommodate natural and operational restrictions such as weather and berth availability. This ability and experience is best demonstrated by our track-record. 

Westug’s success and exceptional service record is thanks to our team of highly engaged and qualified marine professionals and support personnel, supported by an experienced and proven national leadership team.

We are renowned safety leaders within our industry, and our safety initiatives at our operations have been commended by our clients and won numerous awards. We manage safety dynamically, and view safety as a way of doing business, with safety underpinning all our operations. We invest significantly in safety behavioural leadership and the development of our personnel, in support of achieving our philosophy of Zero Harm to the people we interact with and the environment in which we operate.

Westug is committed to improving the communities in which we operate, and ensuring that there are long lasting benefits for the surrounding communities. We are committed to working with local industries and communities and being an active participant in them, through the support and utilisation of local services, suppliers and people.