Engage Innovation Launches

Engage Marine Pty Ltd (Engage Marine) is pleased to announce the launch of Engage Innovation, an entity of Engage Marine established to deliver drone technology to the Australian marine and port industry.

Engage Technology has partnered with Australian UAV to deliver drone services including:
•    Vessel inspection services
•    Inspection of navigational aids
•    Infrastructure inspections
•    Emergency response
•    Image mapping

Engage Technology completed its first project utilising drone technology in September, providing geo-mapping services for a client in Queensland and is currently preparing to undertake drone trials for another client across their operations.

Engage Marine Group Chief Executive Officer, Mark Malone, said “we recognise the immense potential of drone technology in our industry, not only can the use of drones provide new capabilities, but they also have the potential to increase operational efficiency and improve safety. The establishment of Engage Innovation continues our ongoing commitment to lead change in the marine industry.”

Darwin harbour test