Engage Towage Awarded Carnival Australia Contract

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Engage Towage Sydney Pty Ltd (Engage Towage Sydney) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract to deliver towage services for Carnival Australia’s cruise line operations in Port Jackson, Sydney. Carnival Australia is the nation’s main cruise organisation and accounts for seven distinctive cruise lines that variously base ships year-round in Sydney or on a seasonal basis or visiting on longer international voyages.

Under the contract, Engage Towage will ensure the safe berthing and departure of cruise vessels in Port Jackson across the Carnival Australia brands, to adhere to their advertised cruise schedules.

Engage Towage Director, Mark Malone, said “we are extremely pleased to be awarded this contract, it is a reflection of three years of demonstrated, 100% on-time service to Carnival Australia in Port Jackson . We welcome the opportunity to continue to deliver our safe and efficient towage services to Carnival Australia, and additionally, look forward to playing a supporting role in the return of cruise services into Sydney”.

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